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Thursday, May 01, 2014

May Day Mayday!

Life has been a little crazy around here lately! There is a lot to say, but, for now, I'll just send out a cryptic call for prayer and catch you up on our Easter festivities {mostly in photos}.

We had an egg hunt at our church the weekend before Easter, so we put on our tutus {OK, I just wore a full skirt} and had some fun gathering eggs and riding the train.

It's time for pretty Spring dresses!

We hit the early Easter service at church, so Nina was the only one in her class. She loved the attention!

Have I mentioned I'm teaching C's class at church? She is often the only girl, and we have two sets of twin boys. It has been a learning experience for sure!

Sidenote: We had two men volunteer in the class that day, and I could not believe how well the little guys responded to them. It's a shame that working with kids often seems to be considered "women's work." If that Sunday was any indication, having both men and women as leaders in class can be a really positive experience.

We recycle a lot of stuff from our Easter baskets, but there were a few new surprises. And Peeps of course!

Smiley Nina and Serious C...

Hope you had a great Easter!


  1. Anonymous5/02/2014

    Beautiful post. Darling girls (all 3 of you.) Well, Tiffany, two evenings ago I dreamed about you all night long. So I just kept waking up and praying for you and your WHOLE family. It's my general prayer policy to do so, when the thought of anyone fills my mind. So, you've been covered in prayer since before you even asked for it. It just delights me when God shows how He ALWAYS has us all in the palm of His hand .
    Still praying for you and yours...

    1. Despite some really stressful circumstances, I have had an increased hope and peace come through in the last couple of days. Now I know why. ;) THANK YOU. Please continue praying for us, and we'll keep you in our prayers as well! Hope to update more soon.

  2. I'll be praying for you! Your girls are way too cute! I love Spring dresses too!

    1. Thank you--they are the most fun!

  3. You guys are in my prayers. I really hope everything is okay. And I love all the photos of your girls. I think you would have rocked a tutu though :)


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