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Friday, May 02, 2014

Lemongrass Salon: The First Local Spot

I've been wanting to start a series on the blog for awhile now called The Local Spot featuring different businesses and places I like to go around Fort Worth. Nothing fancy or formal. Just a chance to practice taking pictures at businesses I use and recommend. {I'll be clear if I'm ever compensated for a post.}

The first place was an easy choice.

I've been going to Lemongrass for six of the seven years we've lived here. They have a few other locations, but I like the one at University Park Village, so I can window shop at Ann Taylor, Madewell, and the Apple store after my haircut.

The mood is calm and quiet, and it smells as heavenly as every Aveda product does.

They offer you tea or water as soon as you walk in, and they always seem genuinely happy you're there.

My stylist gives me a head and neck massage when she washes my hair, and she always explains what products she's using and why. They also give you a hand massage while you're getting your hair done, so by the time I leave, I feel a little wobbly {in a good way}.

Despite the fact that I never fix it these days, I'm actually pretty particular about my hair. I try to make sure it's in good shape, and I usually have a lot of questions and thoughts about it to discuss. My stylist is always patient and fun to "talk hair" with.

The only drawback? I have to save my pennies, so I don't go as often as I would like {every week, preferably}.

Let me know if you check out Lemongrass and enjoy it as much as I always have!


  1. Sounds like a great place! I would love to go....I really need to get my hair done.

    1. Mine is always in rough shape by the time I go in!

  2. That sounds like the kind of place I would LOVE to go. Our hair dresser is pretty good though.


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