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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Daily Laundry

Along with the monthly meal plan, daily laundry is kind of saving my life right now.

I have always been a "Saturday is laundry day" girl. I guess that's how we did it growing up?

Anyway, it has never been a problem until having two kids and the amount of laundry that goes with them. I was managing to get it all clean and dry every weekend, but it was not getting put away. It had just gotten so overwhelming!

After four {shameful} weeks of sifting through the giant laundry pile at the foot of our bed every.single.morning, I had had enough.

So I made one big push to get it all done and put away, then started the next week with a load a day.

And I can't believe it, but I love it.

Here's how it works for us.

I start a load before I go to work. Takes 5-10 minutes to gather, sort, and treat for stains.

As soon as possible after getting home, I put it in the dryer or hang the clothes up to dry. This takes less than 5 minutes.

{Bonus: So far, the loads have somehow been smaller, so I've been able to use the dryer a bit less.}

If the clothes are dried, I put them away before I go to bed. If they are hanging to dry, I put them away the next morning. Again, 5-10 minutes.

That's it!

Another bonus--I can more easily toss something into the next day's load if we really need it rather than having to figure out an "extra" load through the week or waiting until Saturday.

It's working so well! Now if I can just figure out the ironing...


  1. Anonymous5/06/2014

    Now, the thing that I love about doing laundry is..."nuthin'." Never have liked it; never will. But your post did remind me of hearing a small voice on it's way to bed saying, "Mummy, I forgot that Miss Neil says we are s'posed to wear something red tomorrow because tomorrow is Red Day at my school. Will you wash my red shirt...skirt.. pants...socks...?" Those were the days.
    Good post. Good plan.

    1. The thought of those days terrifies me! Note to self: teach kids how to do their own laundry this weekend. ;)

  2. Doing laundry daily is the only way that I can make it work for a family of 6. I do 2-3 loads most days. Instead of the kids having individual laundry baskets, our family has 4. We one for jeans, one for nicer clothes, one for pajamas, and one for towels. It makes things to easy when everything is presorted. Another thing that I think really helps is having the closets and drawers really organized. It's much easier to put something where it goes than to try to cram it in somewhere. Plus, I always know what we have on hand and that keeps me from over buying. Little girls clothes especially are way too cute. One last thing, it really helps me to keep a bag in the laundry room for donations. If the kids outgrown something, it immediately goes in the bag after being washed, so that it doesn't go through the laundry cycle any more. =)

    1. These are AWESOME ideas!! I was thinking this morning that the next genius step would be to pre-sort, so I might be implementing that soon too. Good job, laundry genius!

  3. We keep laundry baskets on the dining room table so it's sorted as we go - with three children under the age of three there's a lot of laundry and it means we don't have to sort, just pop it the washer when the basket is full.

  4. I really love my laundry days but I can see that once I go back to work (September 2015 or so), then a daily load will become a necessity.


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