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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Thankful for Five Months!

At five months old, Nina Norris is talky and smiley and wiggly.

She weighs around 16 pounds and is in 9-12 month clothes.

She continues to be a generally happy baby...sleeping well and eating well.

She is thisclose to sitting up on her own and loves to "pull up" {where she holds onto our hands, and we pull her up to sitting from a lying-down position}.

A lot of firsts for Nina Bobina this month...

First solids {Cream of Wheat...not a fan}.

She is a fan of bananas, and we're venturing into other territory this week because she's been waking up hungry at night. She's also been mesmerized by every bite we take and flat-out stole my cup yesterday to try to get a drink of water.

First trip to Alabama {more on that soon}. She did really well traveling, as C did in those early months, too.

First teeth! Two on the bottom and several more on the way...

She mostly likes being around other people and is happy if she's in the same room with us, and we're including her in the conversation.

Thanksgiving was a fun time to celebrate five months of our sweet Nina, and we can't believe she'll be six months old on Christmas!


  1. Wow! Solids already and sitting up. Crazy times Miss Nina!!!

    1. It's like she's a big girl trapped in a baby's body!


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