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Friday, December 20, 2013

Snippets From the Week Before Christmas {aka Too Much Holiday Food}

This video here? The best thing on the Internet this week and a little peek at how I sometimes always groove around the library {perhaps further proof that NPR and I are soulmates}.

Happy sigh.

I love that my daughter shares a name with Nina Totenberg.


After three days spent eating nothing but copious amounts of holiday food, I finally got it together enough to start vegan stuffed peppers in the Crockpot for supper.

10 hours later, Jason messages and says, "I've got some bad news about supper. The Crockpot isn't plugged in."

I had been giggling all day about how they were probably enjoying all the delicious smells. The giggles are a direct result of too much holiday food.

{Not a fan of Family Guy, but this video was spot on for me this week.}


Catherine's first Christmas Party happened.

I tried to take pictures at school, you know, for posterity and all.

She completely freaked out. Went boneless and burst into tears while her teachers stared at me, open-mouthed, like "Why are you ruining Christmas Party Day for your kid?"

{Jason says they were not thinking that, but we all know they probably were.}

I almost took pictures anyway--thought it might be funny to see her screaming and flailing about while her teachers smiled in the background--but decided that was the holiday food talking.

Update: She did fine and reportedly ate copious amounts of holiday food just like her mama.

This is not a political statement, but I was a little sad to see all the poking fun at the Obamacare guy in PJs.

Maybe it's the mom in me, but I just kinda wanted to give him a hug and add some "mlellows" {as C refers to marshmellows} to his cocoa. I am all for footie PJs--no matter how old you are.


How was your week before Christmas, friends?


  1. Anonymous12/21/2013

    Trying to be wait...

    1. Ah, the waiting--yes, particularly poignant this time of year.

  2. We've been dealing with sick Rachel, overexcited Sam and tired me. It's been a fun week! But hey! It's Saturday and it's all quiet right now. Yay!

    1. Hooray for quiet and hopes for health this week!

  3. Oh, I hate it when I forget to plug the crock pot in! I've done that more times than I can count. LOL! I must admit, I did get a little giggle out of the Obamacare Ad myself. =)

    1. Knowing I'm not alone makes me feel so much better!


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