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Friday, December 06, 2013

Scaling Back on Santa

I've read several posts recently on where families {especially Christian families} stand on Santa, so I thought I'd throw our story into the mix.

Obligatory disclaimer: I say this is our story for a reason. Honestly? I think it is totally fine either way--we all make what we feel are the best choices for our families. This mama is in no place to cast judgment on any others out there, and I don't want this to sound self-righteous at all. If you're still sorting through the Santa stuff, feel free to let our story be a springboard for thinking it through yourself. But this is not intended as a persuasive essay. Sincerity shown by including embarrassing Santa photos. :P

I grew up with all the traditional Santa stuff and had tons o' fun with it. No emotional scars from realizing he's not real, even though the kid I told in fifth grade might still have some. But, when Jason and I got married, he brought up another perspective.

And I started thinking about friends who did have a hard time learning he wasn't real. And how I used to "thank Santa" by basically praying to him on Christmas morning. And where I wanted the line to be drawn with our kids between fun pretending and outright lying.

So we decided not to "do" Santa.

At least not in the traditional way.

In our house, he's a character--like Curious George--that I don't anticipate having to sit C and Nina down and explain that he's not real one day. They'll just come to understand that as they mature, and they won't have to deal with any deception on our part when that time comes.

{If we are friends in "real" life, not to worry--we will have talks with them as they get older, so they won't spoil other kids' fun like their mean mama did.}

Since they're so little, we're still figuring out how everything will play out. But, seeing as how Jason just unearthed the tree from the guest room {still fully decorated from last year because I am a lazy genius}, dealing with Santa is actually pretty far down my priority list this year.

And that Elf on the Shelf guy? Don't even get me started...Tiff ain't making no additional mess for herself to clean up. ;)


  1. My granddaughter was scared of santa last year and has insisted that Frosty the Snowman will be bringing her Christmas gifts. I was always a bit wary of Santa myself as my mum always insisted we leave him a glass of sherry and it had lipstick on it in the morning! Good idea to view him as a character. Hope you're wrapped up cozy today - isn't this ice storm crazy?

    1. That sherry story is priceless! Yes, I can't believe this weather.

    2. Oh, and I imagine C would be absolutely terrified of him this year given her general "stranger danger."

  2. That's been our stance on Santa too. We go get our picture made with Santa, but the kids all know that he is just for fun. They also know that other kids do believe in him and not to say anything.

    As for the Elf on the Shelf, we don't do him either. I can see how he would be fun, but I too have more than enough messes to clean up.

    1. I wish there were a more low-maintenance version! I like the idea of them finding him (or something) in a different spot every morning; that could be really fun!

  3. Because Dave is Jewish we don't do Santa either. If Christmas is about Santa than why don't Jews celebrate? It makes our lines of what we do a lot clearer when Christmas is about the religious aspect of it.

    You might want to check out my post in a couple of days about our Elf On The Shelf alternative. Or find my friend Amy's post about their Elf. I like what they did with it. ( It's about halfway down this post where she explains it.

    Anyways, more food for thought :)


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