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Monday, December 09, 2013


What our weekend plans looked like:
Friday: parents' night out
Saturday: George at the museum in the morning; birthday party in the afternoon
Sunday: baby dedication

What our weekend actually looked like:

C loved the snow and the hot cocoa after the snow. She was not as excited about Jack Frost or Charlie Brown, so we watched all the cold/Christmasy episodes of George we could find.

For this homebody who is rarely at home, it was divine. We continually prayed for those who had to be out and about anyway--for them to stay warm and safe--but we were also thankful to have an unexpectedly quiet, encouraging, catching-up long weekend here at our house.

How was your weekend? Did you have any snow?


  1. Anonymous12/09/2013

    Just a smidge of snow...but this is Michigan, God's Freezer. So, more will eventually and undoubtedly come and keep coming until it is THIS high. It is not unheard of in Michigan to have had school close here for several days in a row because the wind chill has hit 50 below. I, too have been praying for those fighting this blustery weather. And I have been praying for and concerned for the Norri in all this.
    I have also been wondering if this is the first snow Miz C. has ever seen? And honestly, that Baby Nina is going to be just as gorgeous as her big sister. That precious baby has the sunniest disposition...all smiles, all the time.
    Love to all and stay warm.
    Happy days,

    1. Thank you!
      This was Nina's first snow, but C has seen it a couple of times. This was the first time she could get out and play in it, though.
      We are definitely lightweights compared to you guys up north on dealing with this stuff. Just an inch or so completely shuts us down. :)

  2. We live in the Tulsa area and have been having fun with the snow too! It was the first time that my youngest have really had the chance to play in it. Looks like ya'll really enjoyed your weekend!

    1. We did! This was the first time my older one could play in it as well, and she had so much fun!

  3. Since we live in an area that is supposed to get snow, we didn't have any of course :) And now that we are at my parents' I think it has snowed and snowed at home. Isn't that the way it always goes? :) I'm glad you had a good weekend at home. And was that Nina's dedication which was supposed to happen on Sunday? Will it be rescheduled?

    1. Yes! Her dedication is coming up--so excited!

  4. We were totally bummed that Journey Through Bethlehem was cancelled, but of course we couldn't have gotten there if it wasn't! Jack loved it so much last year, and he wasn't even 2 yet!

    1. We really wanted to see that, too--next year!


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