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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Baby's First (and Older Baby's Second) Thanksgiving

It was a Thanksgiving for the books...or the blog, in this case.

We really wanted to leave Saturday night and drive overnight, but we worked from sunup to sundown on Saturday and still weren't finished packing. Between laundry, cleaning, and packing for four {and a Fred!}, it was tough, y'all.

The tricky thing was that it was supposed to start sleeting Sunday morning, so we slept a few hours and hit the road around 6:30 a.m.

The girls did pretty well, but it was a looooong, 14-hour day. That last leg from Memphis to home is always tough, and we had to bring Curious George in on the laptop to get through. We also had to put Nina in her sister's PJs because she had thoroughly soaked her own clothes three times.

{Said soaking is also the reason for her mis-matched outfit in this otherwise fantastic photo with her Paw-Paw Audrey.}

C, as expected, was very shy around everyone. We realized that she does fairly well {or at least a little better} until people start trying to touch her, which is when she bursts into tears and runs to Mom.

That being said, she had fun playing with the "big girls," and we all had fun catching up with family, eating {way too much and decidedly non-vegan food}, and soaking up a little quiet at the river.

Nina met her great-great-aunt Ruth Nina, who had also set up a tea party for our C when we visited. {Such a special time.}

After spending Thursday and Friday with Jason's parents, we headed home {via Tuscaloosa this time} on Friday night and drove all night.

We will not be doing that again.

We thought the girls would sleep, and we'd save ourselves some time. We saved two measly hours, the gals were fussy and uncomfortable, and Jason and I were exhausted for the rest of the weekend.

Full disclosure? The suitcases are still not unpacked.

So the trip, like parenting, was really wonderful and really tiring--quite emotional at several moments and oh so expensive. But it was the right decision to go, and it was a good reminder that we have so much to thank God for again this year.


  1. Aww, Ruth looks great! We were in Hamilton Thursday. Glad you had a safe trip! Any night away from home wears me out, so I'm sure you were exhausted!

    1. We would have loved to have seen you guys!

  2. My previous comment may not have posted so I'll just say that I'm glad you got to spend some time with your families and I hope you've caught up on your rest.

    1. Sorry about that--sometimes they get lost in the blogosphere!


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