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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Revisiting Ideas

I highlighted the Disney Princesses on Instagram last week, but this little meme just keeps getting better. :)

We also chatted about the idea of checking people out of the public library, and UNT is totally running with that idea. I love it!

A timely follow-up to yesterday's post about relieving the pressure to appear perfect. This one might seem like a follow-up since it concerns weight loss, but it's actually just a really good example of the complexity of research and how it's not true that "numbers don't lie."

And, I have finally(!) finished The Portrait of a Lady, so there will be a review up for that tomorrow. It was a long one, so I'm diving into a few short stories in between starting another book.

Catherine and I hope your day has been as fun as hers. ;)


  1. This line from the Christianity Today article really hit home with me. "Instead, we have to be okay with not getting to everything our to-do lists because Christians know that only God has a perfect record when it comes to 'having it all' and 'doing it all.'" Ouch.

    Also I LOVED the Instagram authors. Ha ha ha!!! Awesomeness :)

    1. That is a great line! So true.


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