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Monday, March 18, 2013

My Little Leprechaun

Isn't St. Patrick's Day fun? Or at least a fun excuse to wear green?

We went with a more subtle green sweater for church...

But a totally Irish outfit for the afternoon...

{She is crazy over this polar bear. We think it might be a substitute for Fred.}

 Hope you all had as much fun as this little gal did this weekend!


  1. I was thinking we hadn't heard from you in awhile. I hope you're feeling okay. Miss C looks lovely in green. I love her "more Irish" outfit! So cute!!!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I have qualifying exams coming up, so everything else has fallen by the wayside. :(

  2. Anonymous3/19/2013

    Well, if this computer racks up hits for the number of views here, you're gonna be getting about 1/4 million . I will be coming back to look at the ever-adorable Miz. C. THAT many times. I think Miz. C. is just precious in her Irish out-fit, and I can't get over how long her hair's getting. (I kinda feel like she's my "loaner" grand-daughter, what with watching her grow up from the days of the "Mom condo," and all.) And I also think that Miz C. considers the polar bear to be a Fred she can have at her beck and call.
    God bless you all! And VERY happy days!

    1. Thank you!! Feel free to take her as a loaner! ;)
      Yes, her hair is growing and getting thicker, but it is still quite light. (And lovely, we think.)
      She also enjoys having a little more freedom with the bear than Fred--you know, to squeeze and strangle and throw at abandon. :)


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