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Friday, February 01, 2013

The Kind Diet

I requested The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone through interlibrary loan awhile back to see if it's one I wanted to keep on my wish list.

It definitely was, and I finally ordered it as a little happy when Jason was getting his textbooks for the semester.

Alicia writes so personably that I feel comfortable calling her by her first name in this review. {I'm sure we'd be friends in real life.} ;)

Anyway, Alicia starts out by explaining her philosophy on why eating animal products isn't good for us or the planet and by citing a fair amount of research on the matter. Her tone is light-hearted and non-judgmental, and, if you're interested in going meatless or you haven't given the matter much thought, it's a good place to start.

Then she breaks down her philosophy into three levels: vegetarian {no meat}, vegan {no animal products}, and superhero {basically, eating local/native to your area as well as no animal products}. There are meal suggestions, thoughts, and encouragement along with every stage. The second half of the book is packed with drool-worthy recipes that I can't wait to try!

I like that it's not a "diet plan," per se, but more a change in lifestyle and way of thinking. She consistently reminds readers that healthier eating is a process, to just keep going and try again if you "cheat," and to think about why we eat the way we do.

I highly recommend The Kind Diet as well as giving meatless eating a try. Maybe incorporate a veggie plate for supper one night a week, or get on board with Meatless Monday. You'll likely be surprised how satisfying it is!

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  1. Anonymous2/02/2013

    Tiffany, here's a tip I discovered if you are looking for affordable Vegan Cookbooks. Second-hand bookstores have tons of them in superb condition. It seems that a great many people are interested in "trying on" this lifestyle, but quickly tire of it because it is quite a time commitment, cooking-wise. I was able to find some really excellent and highly-recommended cookbooks astonishingly inexpensively.
    Happy days!

    1. Healthy eating is definitely more of a time commitment for us, but I'm trying to stick with it! And new books are a rarity as well--we love our Half-Price!

  2. I wish I was more committed to going vegan. I am already vegetarian (have been for thirteen years) and love how it makes me feel.

    1. I know--I really struggle with it too! I think I'd feel a ton better if I cut out dairy, but it's tough. Every little bit helps, though.


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