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Friday, February 15, 2013

10 Years of Fred!

In all the baby excitement, I don't want to forget about our first baby, still often known as Baby Fred {along with Freddy Fine, the Fredinator, and Stink}.

I adopted Fred {or was it the other way around?} about six months after my mom passed, and I have to say that I don't think anything else helped with my healing as much as this little bundle of fluff did.

To celebrate his 10th birthday tomorrow, I'm featuring 10 of my favorite Fred photos and 10 of my favorite posts of his. {The photos and posts are apparently completely unrelated--ha.}

His blog has long been more popular than mine, and I don't mind that in the least.

He still has the energy of a young fellow, and he is {mostly} sweet and patient with his baby sister. He loves to nap on piles of laundry, scavenge for food dropped on the floor, talk with the neighbors, and avoid baths. Even though he is sometimes a high-maintenance drama king, our life is much richer with him in it!

We'll also be having cake {for the big folks} and other treats {for the little ones}. For his gift, I thought he'd most like quality time with his Old Girl, so I'm devoting 10 extra minutes a day to teach this not-at-all-old dog some new tricks!


  1. Anonymous2/15/2013

    I'm so glad I found Fred after my bichon, Harvey, died. Fred helped me through my heartache.
    Happy days.

    1. That's so encouraging, and I'm glad he has been a help to you!

  2. Happy Birthday to Fred! Love his name! And the post on his blog I read :) Ha ha ha :)

    1. Thanks! He was named for Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy, but we tease him that he is more like Fred Sanford in his old age. ;)


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