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Friday, January 18, 2013

Catherine's First Year: Video

Confession: I almost never watch videos on blogs, but I hope you'll watch this one. It's short and sweet. And if for nothing else, listen to the song. If you're a parent, you will likely need a box of Kleenex. 

The lovely song "I Get to Be the One" by JJ Heller was used by permission {because Mr. Norris is a stickler about that sort of thing}.

Happy first birthday tomorrow, Catherine! What a wonderful year it has been!


  1. Anonymous1/18/2013

    Can it be a year tomorrow? Thank you so much for allowing us a peek into your loving family. Tomorrow I will pray a particular blessing for Catherine, her Mommy , Daddy, (and of course, Fred) for every month of her life.
    So baby Catherine, look for 12 special blessings to settle upon you and your family in the coming year.
    Happy days to all and a gloriously Happy Birthday to Catherine!
    With affection,

  2. What an adorable video and what an amazing (touching) song. Lovely.

    Happy FIRST Birthday tomorrow Miss C!

    1. I felt like I should have issued a Kleenex warning with the song!


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