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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday 3

I didn't mean to let a week go by without posting, but that is life right now! Here are my thankfuls for this past week...

~Drive home Friday with Mayer Hawthorne playing and the windows rolled down

~Soup on a cold, rainy Sunday

~A cold, rainy Sunday {my favorite kind of weather!}

~The smell of fireplaces in our neighborhood {even though we are too chicken to light ours}

~A garage to park in, so I don't shiver all the way to work on these chilly mornings

~C getting better at putting herself back to sleep in the middle of the night. A little bit better. Her room is a "cold spot" in the house, so I think she's been waking up cold. When she doesn't go back to sleep, we snuggle. And I'm thankful for that {even though I'm running on fumes these days} because who couldn't help but be thankful for snuggle time with this little one?

~Oh! Also, she said "mama" for the first time! {Twice now, actually.} This is my new favorite thing in the entire world.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Adorable picture. My grandkids have been keeping mama awake too. I expect it's difficult for them to get used to the time change and change in the weather.

    1. Yes, we have lots of factors working against us!

  2. Anonymous11/16/2012

    Just been sharing with my friend , Barb, that I am SO thankful that Jesus likes us. She reprimanded me that Jesus LOVES us. I said, "Barbie, I already know that. But the REALLY cool thing is that Jesus LIKES us. That means He would call us to come over and hang out with Him!!!!") Now, how cool is that????
    P.S. That adorable baby girl of yours...tell "Grampa Davis" that I can see a resemblance to him from a past post on Fred's site.
    Happy days to you all.

    1. Very cool! I do see some of my dad in her, which is pretty cool, too!

  3. I'm thankful that my parents were here to visit and that we successfully passed the first step to being able to buy a house! Whoo hoo!!!

    1. Hooray! A year and a half later, we still feel so very blessed to own our home!


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