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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Eight is Great!

I'm a few days behind on this one. It's been one of those weeks {ok, months} where I've had 10 different blog ideas, a slew of inspiration for Twitter status updates, and just a bunch of stuff bouncing around my head...none of which made it to {virtual} paper. 

But that's OK! We're living life, managing everything through the grace of God, and absolutely loving our time with our little girl.

This last month has been tons of fun! Catherine is sitting up like a pro now and trying so hard to stand. She's crawling just a bit and having lots of "conversations" with us and her stuffed friends {still no babbling, but she seems to know what she's saying}.

She had her first sickness this month--just a little congestion with a slight fever--and we were convinced a tooth was on its way. But nothing yet. :)

Her tummy troubles have improved, thank goodness. {Who knew blueberries were so messy?} Her sleeping patterns are still inconsistent, but we'll have a couple of good nights in there occasionally. 

She's about 14 1/2 pounds and a busy girl. She plays more actively, wants more attention and interaction from us, and has been having fun playing with her friends. {I can't believe I didn't get any pictures at her BFF Georgia's first birthday party!} I feel like there's something new every day.

She's gotten to where she wants to be held a lot and often wants to be held by Mommy. She does the whole thing where she smiles at strangers, then hides her face in my shoulder. All very sweet. And she still loves-loves-loves her daddy. {This is the usual expression when gazing up at him.}

She and Fred are doing pretty well and are starting to become friends. They've had several positive interactions and a couple of not so positive interactions, which served as reminders that these two cannot be trusted alone. ;) {Not that they were ever unsafe--just reinforced what we already knew.}

She's starting to learn what "no" means and beginning to test her boundaries. {There's no staying on her mat any longer.}

In the last month, we've also had fun reading books, visiting at work, wearing sweaters(!), and just hanging around.

What a fun, lovely little girl we have! We are so incredibly thankful for her, and we can't wait to see what next month holds!


  1. Anonymous9/23/2012

    Scrumptious Baby Girl! I love all the pictures but there's just something about the delightful Miz C. sitting up at her busy box that touches my heart. (Maybe just that there's just no evidence of support. She's sitting SO upright ALL BY HERSELF. Just tickles my "Grandma Chromosomes.")
    Happy days, Big Girl.

    1. Thank you! Yes, that was the biggest change this month. Sitting up like it's no big deal. :) (I still get excited seeing her do that sometimes, though.)

  2. What a sweet adorable girl. She looks so interested in life in all these pictures!

    1. Thank you! She is definitely becoming more engaged!


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