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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Window Treatments

Can I just say that I giggle a little when curtains are called window treatments?

I'm sure it's the Alabama girl coming through, but I always think it sounds like we're about to give the windows a mani/pedi and facial. So they'll always just be curtains to me. ;)

We actually just used makeshift kinds of curtains in the apartment, so the whole covering-the-windows-with-something-pretty was a new thing for the house.

But I had trouble finding much of anything I liked, and I knew making my own wasn't an option {despite all those easy DIY claims from you super-crafty types}. ;)

So we finally settled on simple, solid brown for the library...

with something a little more fun for the living room and kitchen...

{closer view with a younger Baby Girl and Grandpa}

Catherine's is light and lovely and reminds me of spring at my grandmother's for some reason...

{all courtesy of Target}

I have a piece of fabric that I want to use for our bathroom {with someone else turning it into a curtain, of course}, and I've mentioned before that I despise our bedroom curtains for some reason. So that's on the looooong house project list.

Can't wait to see yours! {Linking up with Kelly's Korner}


  1. I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner to check out your window treatments.
    I recently changed our master bedroom curtains from tab light blue curtains to chocolate brown blackout. What a positive difference they made.
    I still want to purchase something for our patio doors. Maybe I'll get some ideas from my tour!
    Great choices on your curtains.

    1. Thanks! We've thought about blackout curtains to help with the power bill {and especially in our daughter's room} but haven't made that change yet.

  2. Anonymous8/05/2012

    Here's my tip for having gorgeous curtains and draperies:
    Cultivate a generous best friend who sews like a professional.
    It worked for me. I once sewed my husband's sleeve together, trying to replace a button. And we all had to take P.A. (Practical Arts) in school, so I've HAD sewing lessons! Does it get any more dismal than that? (Do they even have P.A. in junior high or middle schools any more?)
    Happy Days, Tiffany!

    1. So true! I keep trying to be friendly with people who sew! ;)

      And I sewed a pillow in 8th grade Home Ec, but I'm afraid that's been it for me as well.


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