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Monday, August 20, 2012

Seven Months

Well here we are with another month!

Time does, indeed, fly! {Flying/reaching is a frequent pose these days.}

This little lady has been as busy as usual. Hovering around the same size as last month, 14 pounds-ish, she's sitting up on her own for a few seconds at a time {even though I haven't been able to catch that on camera yet}...

She's pretty consistently saying "hi" or "hey" when we {including Fred} walk in the room. And no "mama" or "dada" yet, but she is doing a "ffffff" sound along with the "hey." It took us a few times, but we realized she's trying to say "Hey Fred," which we do every time he walks by, so it's not a big surprise. We've also been working on "Roll Tide." That makes her smile, but she's not trying to say it yet.

We are still working on the "gentle with Fred" lessons, so he keeps his distance for the most part. Poor fella. ;) Still working on the "gentle with Mommy" lessons, too. Hair-pulling, eye-poking, pinching, scratching, kicking...None mean-spirited, of course, but sometimes I feel like I've been a few rounds in the ring after a simple feeding!

She moved up a class at church on Sunday, so that was neat. I remember what a BIG deal that used to be when I was a kid. She had no idea at this point, of course, and did fine with her new teachers. We're so grateful for all the hard-working folks in our preschool department that help us teach these little ones about God!

We are in "any day now" mode for crawling and for a tooth to pop through, but we've been that way for awhile. She'll get them on her own time. :)

She has started to really take an interest in Pooh {the biggest one who is about her size}. They seem to be good pals, even when she gets him in a head lock.

She was up to three "meals" each day {plus a bottle for a snack}, but about three weeks ago, she started having some sleep and digestive troubles {beyond the usual spit up, which is still going strong}. We're thinking they may be connected. Honestly, it has been one tough month for our previously solid sleeper. Up for HOURS at a time overnight, which does not make the next work day an easy one.

She was off of solid food for a week, but we're back to one meal/day along with some apple and prune juice. {I'll spare you further digestive details.}

She also slept through the night last night, so we're just taking things slowly and doing what we know to do. As first-time parents, that isn't much, but her nurses and our friends have been so sweet to help us out with suggestions. Feel free to offer any ideas!

I feel like she does 10 new things every day {all brilliant, of course}, but that's about it on the major milestones. Overall, she's just getting more observant, more interactive, more coordinated, more loving {gives hugs now!}, more busy {it's taken me four days to write this post}...

And she continues to be lots more fun {even when she doesn't sleep}. Now that's love!

{seriously. so in love with our little gal.}

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  1. Anonymous8/21/2012

    Oh, I could just eat Miz Catherine with a spoon...she is just THAT sweet. Got a twinkle in those baby blues in darned near every picture. That little gal sends the ol' cute-meter into orbit. And I must say, not every girl can carry off drool on her cheeks and chin...but that Miz C.! Wet or dry, she's a knockout. Thank you so much for sharing , and my advice is, you're doing just fine. Just enjoy her, and don't worry, very soon Fred will, too.
    Happy days (nights, too) to all!


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