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Friday, August 17, 2012

More Five Years of Fort Worth

This week, we're marking five years since we moved to Fort Worth. I mentioned in the previous post that this is the longest I've ever worked in one job {even though that job has changed over the years}.

This is also the longest amount of time Jason and I have lived in one city {as a married couple}, and we really love Fort Worth!

It has a bit of a slow-paced, small-town feel but with a lot of big-city amenities, too.

It would be great to see more of Texas in general, but it's been hard to venture out when there is so much to do right here in the DFW area.

We're actually pretty happy in our little pocket of Fort Worth. Our favorites are all close by, we bump into our neighbors and friends at the grocery store, and it really does feel like we live in a small town sometimes.

But if we get itchy, we can always roam around downtown, go shopping in Dallas, or head over to Rockwall to visit my college roommate and her little girl.

We haven't gone exploring much since we had the baby, but we're hoping to do a bit more of that when the weather cools off.

A few of our favorite places to explore around here?

Too many restaurants to name...and the zoo has been on our list for five years now. We're going to have to go soon--no excuses!

Here's to the fabulous Fort Worth!


  1. Anonymous8/17/2012

    Tiffany, if I EVER get to Texas, I will look those places up. Here's the problem with being close to "The Motor City:" NO public transport of any kind ( well, they wanted EVERYBODY to buy a car)..and everything's quite some distance away. I'm just not emotionally equipped to do freeway driving any longer. Are all those lovely places close, 'cause I've read that Texas driving is on par with Los Angeles? If that's the case, I'll wait 'til YOU visit them, read your blog and look at your pictures.
    Happy days and lots of summer fun!

    1. That's one downside here in Cowtown--our public transport stinks! When our car was out of commission, we realized it would take an hour and a half bus commute to make the five-mile trip to work. Crazy! Makes me thankful for a car and hopeful it will get better someday.

  2. I agree Tiffany. For me, Fort Worth was a good place to end up. We've got some great museums too.

    1. Definitely! We haven't been in awhile, but we've really enjoyed several in the past.


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