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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{Insert Clever, Witty Title}

I was going to blog something or other...


Fred got sick.
Jason had a birthday.
Work got busy.
School started.
Catherine got sick.

And that's been over the last 24 hours.

So, no clever, witty blog for today.

Just a prayer request for healing for my two little ones and a request for the two of us who are trying to take care of them and take care of our school work and our work-work and keep the house going. And a thanks to the God who is keeping us going through all of it. :)

On a lighter note, when you can't do anything except snuggle with a feverish little person, you get to revisit your childhood and watch...

For the honor of Grayskull!


  1. Anonymous8/30/2012

    O.K.,'s my suggestion for times like these. Write a list of all your must-do s, should-do s, like-to-do s. Leave space so you can cut them apart. Put them by category, one category at a time, into a small bowl, tupperware, etc. Then draw one slip form the must-do s, and give it to someone else, or give yourself permission to SKIP it. (This can leave you feeling WICKEDLY gleeful.) Draw one from the should-do s and DEFINITELY throw that one out. Life is too short, and too full of really necessary stuff for us to assign an imagined importance to lesser things. (The should-do s are the things that give US such satisfaction when finally done that we can't understand it when they tend to be the things nobody else notices when we've driven ourselves crazy to accomplish them. They are the things we most often get our feelings hurt over or leave us feeling under or unappreciated. Next, pick one of the like to-do s and give yourself permission to do it. Let other things go. the floor will always be ther to vacuum. there's always another dish to eat from if a couple of dirty ones are in the sink, (that's why they're sold in sets)dust bunnies will come back nearly as soon as eradicated (that's why they're called bunnies!) NOW is the time that you most need a slight vacation, so TAKE it NOW, Sweetie. I'm not advocating wholesale domestic sloth...just the permission to treat yourself a little more kindly than usual, at that exact time it's most needed. Don't we all deserve that much?
    Happy days, dear girl!

    1. Love it! I'm all about being kind to myself. ;)

  2. That is a BUSY household you have there!

  3. Its not easy looking after a family. Hang in there!


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