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Monday, August 13, 2012

Five Years of Fort Worth

This week, we're marking five years since we moved to Fort Worth, so I'm planning to do a few reflecting posts since we've seen so many changes in that time.

Actually, I'm sure everyone changes a lot in five years, but these have felt like really BIG ones to us. 

We arrived to a teeny tiny apartment in the summer of 2007, still feeling like newlyweds after being married for only two years. We had a handful of stuff, a small car, and one fluffy puppy.

Fast forward five years {and it does feel as if we've fast forwarded some days}, and we're in a house that seems huge after that apartment. We have a couple of handfuls of stuff now, a smaller car, a still fluffy puppy, and a sweet baby girl. 

And, I tell ya, there are times that this guy still makes me feel like a newlywed.

So here's to five years of Fort Worth!


  1. This stage of life seems to fly by at break neck speed. Five years in one spot is quite an accomplishment! I hope the next five are just as great.

    1. Thanks so much! I hear it gets even worse as we get older--how is that possible? :)

  2. Anonymous8/14/2012

    Goodness, Tiffany! What a picture you selected to represent these 5 years. This is what I think when I look at it. Bookcases represent a new order to your life. Those footloose fancy-free days of young adulthood are behind you both now. But see all those books? That's the wisdom you've garnered and all that you've learned. It represents also, all that you've become. Sweet Catherine is the evidence of abundant and fruitful love in your lives. Mr. Jason is the stability and the solid Rock of Christ upon Whom you've built your life. The photo in the bookcase represents the precious memories that will warm you and carry you through the tough times. The table is set, but the vessels are empty, because they stand for the blessings that will come to "fill you" and sustain you. And lastly, why can't we see Tiffany in this photo? Because she is fulfilling her goal to look more like Christ every day.
    Here's to 5 wonderful years, and many many more.
    God bless you all, and God bless your journey.
    Happy days, Tiffany.

    1. Oh, I love this! What wonderful thoughts! We're so blessed you found us through Fred. :) Thank you!


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