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Saturday, July 14, 2012

What My Dog is Teaching Me About Community

Freddy and I walk around our neighborhood in the evenings, and I started thinking about how he might be a better neighbor than I am.

Where I'm hesitant to jump into conversations, he bounds right in. A group of puppies and their people walk together every night, and I don't know why we haven't joined them. Fred is always eager to say hello! He charges right up into neighbors' yards to greet them and wags his tail as soon as he sees someone--even if they're all the way down the street. Everyone is a friend.

He is also all about the more, the merrier. There were 11 puppies on that group walk I mentioned one night this week. He was so excited his whole body was wagging.

And he never gets in a hurry--the puppies he's "talking with" get his full attention, and he could stay and talk all night. He's just happy to hang out with friends.

In my defense, Fred is an ESFP {assuming dogs have personality types}, while I'm an ISTJ. This idea of being neighborly comes a bit more naturally to folks like him. :)

But I've still been trying to put a few of his lessons into practice and do a better job of being part of a community.


  1. Anonymous7/15/2012

    Well, I can only reiterate what my dear Harvey so often told me: "We Bichons w-air cre-aht-ted tuu be ad-hor-r-r-ed!" It is their lot and their mission in life. Why else would God pack so much cute into such a small package?
    Happy days, oh Mom of Les Adorables Deux.

  2. I am an ESTJ but borderline E/I. The "I" has come from 10 years of sitting in a cube behind a computer screen. I am so black and white it's not even funny on the thinking versus feeling part. I am doing a Bible study right now and one of the things to pray about is "what should you be more tenderhearted toward." My answer...pretty much everything.

    Fred is SO CUTE. You sure do have lots of cute littles at your house!

    1. Aw, thanks!

      We are big MBTI fans. I don't know if it's getting older, becoming a mom, or just God working on me, but my "F" side has definitely grown recently! (In fact, I started reading up on ISFJs to see if my type had ;) ) I love how God creates us with strengths and weaknesses and then uses both.


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