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Monday, July 09, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer and I haven't been the best of friends for a few years now {especially after last year's heat combined with first-trimester nausea}.

I thought a good way for us to make up might be to think of the things I loved about summer when we were friends. Jason and I might even try to squeeze in a few of these when we're feeling particularly grumpy in the next few months...

-Listen to music and sing along with the windows rolled down
-Close my eyes and soak up the sun
-Eat fresh fruit
-Go to the Farmer's Market
-Go to the library {not for work!}, and check out a big stack of books
-Hit up Fort Woof
-Wear a bathing suit {easier said than done these days}
-Watch a baseball game {bonus points for watching in person}
-Add cilantro, everything
-Try cold soup {again}
-Go to bed with wet hair
-Have friends over to play
-Play the Wii
-Stay up late reading
-Get a shaved ice {apparently called snow cones here?!}
-Paint my nails a fun color
-Go to yard sales
-Poke around The Dollar Tree
-Go to a matinee
-Ride a bike
-Make a lemon icebox pie

How do you make peace with the summer? :)


  1. Ahhh, sweet summertime. A few summers ago one of the things on my list was to visit a waterpark. I hadn't been to Hurricane Harbor since I was in high school. I have to admit it wasn't as grand as I remembered it, but we had fun!

    1. Oh, that's a good one! I'm not sure if I can persuade the Mister to join in the fun this summer, but I'll bet C and I would have a big time there in a few years.

  2. Anonymous7/10/2012

    Well, I REALLY prefer Fall..."sweater weather," warm afternoons and cool nights for sleeping. But I must confess to a few moments of wild abandon each summer when I ambushed my husband and kids with a dollar store squirt gun! (Then to make things REALLY interesting I passed out squirt guns to the entire crew. Mayhem ensued.)
    Three rules:
    1 No shooting in the face!
    2 Stop if one of the little kids cries!
    3 No water in the house. ( I SAID: NO water IN THE HOUSE!!!!)

    1. Ooh, love this idea!! And, yes, Fall is my favorite, too {if we actually get one--ha}.

  3. Anonymous7/11/2012

    Nothin' like a good squirt gun battle to get your blood up on a muggy summer day.


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