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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Domestic Diva

Confession time.

Sometimes I think about what life would be like if I were a stay-at-home domestic diva.

In my head, with all my "extra" time, I would be quite the Wonder WomanMama.

I'd save the earth by using cloth diapers and growing our own food, and I'd save our budget by couponing and learning to sew. I'd astound everyone with my feats of scrapbooking and with my consistent practice of running every morning and doing yoga every night. I'd master all kinds of creative house projects as well as a new language every now and then. And, of course, I'd write many, many well-respected books...about something.

But I suspect that real life would be FAR from that picture in my head!

So, help me out here, do any of you work-outside-the-home moms have similar pictures of what you would do if you were staying home?

And moms at home--do you have crazy pictures like this of how perfect your life would be if you were "hiring out"?

Stay tuned for even more confessions tomorrow. ;)


  1. I decided to take a year off and look after my granddaughter and I did grow vegetables, sewed dresses for her, knitted her sweaters, finished writing a novel, and cooked more, and painted and decorated two rooms, but then the twins arrived and I barely have time for a cup of tea now. My neighbor stopped by with a cucumber that had grown on our combined fence that I hadn't noticed and the birds ate more tomatoes this summer than I have. Still, all those things can wait, being a grandma is the best job in the world.

    1. Great perspective, and wow! I think you might be Wonder Woman! ;)


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