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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Five Months!

Happy five months, Miss C! Boy oh boy, we love this little girl.

She's looking more grown up to me and keeps changing on us. She's about 14 pounds, and her 6-9 month clothes are getting short on her {even though they swallow her around the middle}. Here's the rest of the latest.

At five months, she is...

-loving rolling over. It's hard to keep her on her back these days! She flips after she's finished eating {not surprising then that the spit-up continues}, on the changing table, and when she's just hanging out. Occasionally, she'll roll over when she's sleeping, so we have to roll her back over. {She still has trouble going from her tummy to her back.}

-eating some solid foods. We were nervous about this transition, but we should have known that she would take it in stride {easy-going, this one}. So far, she has really enjoyed bananas and sweet potatoes. First time: she grabbed that spoon from me and tried to feed herself!

-showing some independence. {See the engrossing spoon story from the previous paragraph.} ;) She's also holding her own bottle {gets two during the day while I'm at work}. She also likes to try to wipe her own mouth with the burp cloth and is starting to grab for glasses {both the drinking kind and the kind Jason wears}.

-reaching for us to pick her up. This melts my heart, and I love it! Tough to resist, though, when it's time to go to sleep, but she's not quite ready.

-still doing sweet things like giving us "kisses" {leans open-mouthed into our cheek}, "talking" {mostly babbling, but she frequently will say "hey," although not on command just yet}, snuggling, smiling, laughing, and so many other fun things.

She also likes to feel different textures and keeps reaching for the track pad on my laptop. Jason thinks it's just because she wants to touch it, but I have decided she is trying to operate electronics at an early age. Clearly, brilliant.

Aaaand...she's a piano prodigy...all at the young age of five months.

Exaggeration aside, we love our girl, and we're so thankful to have this time with her!

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