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Friday, May 25, 2012

Privacy Please?

I've been mulling over going public with my Facebook profile.

Right now, I have the strictest privacy options available on that site {at least, I think I do--they seem to change every week}. But I post more frequently on my Twitter account, and it's public. And I post more "personal" kind of stuff on the good ol' blog here, and it's public, too.

So it kind of doesn't make sense to be all secret agent-ish on Facebook. {For various reasons, apparently.}

On the other hand, part of me is tempted to try to go totally off the grid, cancel credit cards, channel Thoreau, read, and grow my own food with all the time I save by not being online. ;)

But I like certain elements of being "out there." I like that grandparents and other far-flung family members and friends can easily read about the latest with Catherine, and I like how easy it was to find people for our 10-year high school class reunion. And I absolutely love that I've connected with so many "interesting strangers" (one of the categories in my Google Reader--did you know you can categorize your Google Reader?!). 

It's been so much fun stumbling across people who share my obsession with books, my wonderings about faith stuff, and my newfound desire to chat about babies. {Just three out of many outstanding examples linked there.} And I don't feel weird or overly guarded about that.

So what's the hesitation on Facebook?

I'm still mulling this over, so no concrete answer for now. Thoughts, advice, and suggestions are, of course, always appreciated.

And, in the interest of full disclosure, I had planned a post with a house update because I thought we had finally--finally!--finished our guest bathroom. But then I realized it still needs one more thing before being ready to show. So there's really no telling when it will be finished after all.

Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. Anonymous5/25/2012

    Well,Tiffany, I have enjoyed meeting you and Fred , Mr. Jason, precious baby Catherine, Grandpa, Shelley, your brother, Michael, and the various "crew" members who have appeared in your blogs. But having said that, I think that you only share (except for your PERSONAL feelings and PRIVATE thoughts and SOME moments of family life) very circumspectly. And I think that's a good thing. Of course, as a "Lady of a Certain Age, " I am EXTREMELY suspicious of computers and the easy access they provide for just anyone to be a party to business which they have NO business knowing. I think that you are wise to be cautious: and I have only SEEN Facebook...never been on it and never will. I think that the basic difference is, and bear in mind that I am speaking from total ignorance here, that a blog draws people of similar interest, to begin with. Then,as they continue to follow it and comment, I think that you can get a better feel for their character. However, facebook draws complete strangers who ask to "friend" you. I think you need some actual shared experiences to actually become friends. Also, I grew up back East where you called someone by his title until you were invited to become more intimate. However, even when given that permission to use his given name, you would NEVER call him by an abbreviated version, or a nickname, even if others present did so, again until invited. I suppose that seems strange to younger people, but it did provide a barrier of, "protection" seems too strong a word , but that is what it WAS. I miss those social distinctions. I really do, because there ARE people whom I can enjoy for a shorter time, or in a larger social setting, that I might not necessarily be comfortable entertaining in my home. As usual, I've "talked" much too long. Sorry for that.
    Happy days!


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