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Sunday, May 06, 2012

More Laughs Than a Stack of Comic Books

Baby Girl has been laughing for awhile now, but every time we tried to catch her on camera, she became a little zombie-ish, transfixed by the screen. {Evidence}

But yesterday we were having a grand time, and I was able to sneakily turn on the camera...


I told my Facebook friends the video also proves two things: I never fix my hair on Saturdays, and I don't mind looking like a big ol' dork to get this little gal to laugh.

Her interests change pretty quickly, so we're always trying out new noises and tricks to get her to giggle.

Yesterday was also spit-up city, and she'd gone through so many clothes, I finally just had her lounging in her diaper. To make me feel a little less redneck, I played some Dvorak for her, and she enjoyed it so much, she promptly fell asleep.

Happy weekend, indeed!


  1. Anonymous5/06/2012

    Oh how precious! Wish there was something like this when my babies were small. We Old Schoolers were from the time before inexpensive electronics, when only the folks in deep clover could afford cameras and mikes. Get as much Of Mizz Catherine as you can. Her babyhood will be streaking by . "Zoom, zoom, zoom," as the TV sings.

  2. Adorable, I can't wait for our twins to be more interactive.

  3. Tiffany, I know I have your address somewhere from when I received a giveaway from you, but could you send it to me again? I want to send you a little something for the baby?


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