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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Les Produits Aveda

I got a much-needed hair cut on Saturday and had a lovely lunch with a friend afterwards when we started chatting about how much we love Aveda products.

I like this brand in general because none of their products are tested on animals. Aveda also does a lot of work supporting clean water initiatives and other "green" practices around the world. You earn points and rewards when shopping with them. And...their stuff smells really, really nice.

I do have to save my pennies for the products, though, so I've developed a hierarchy of sorts when it comes to buying. 


Honestly, the only must-have hair care product is the Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother. It's the only thing I've found that helps my wavy hair get really straight, limits frizzies, and protects against heat. It also lasts a long time. Otherwise, I use Suave. Everything. A girl I knew in college who had some of the prettiest hair I've ever seen swore by it, and I've had the same great experience.

However, when it comes to the skin care, I've not been able to compromise. My skin has the unfortunate combination of being both oily and sensitive and is generally prone to high drama. Overly dry one day, crazy breakouts the next--it's ridiculous.

But here's the perfect combination that brings sanity to my insane skin...

Tourmaline charged exfoliating cleanser {nice little scrubby feeling!}

All-sensitive moisturizer

Inner light concealer and mineral dual foundation. {They were out of the foundation--online and in stores--a summer or two ago, and my skin had a mini breakdown.}

Finally on the must-haves, hand relief. At my salon, they often give you hand massages while you're hair is being done, and they've gotten me hooked on this lotion. I keep a bottle in my desk at work, and I give myself mini-hand massages when I get stressed. This yummy stuff lasts a long time as well.

If the budget allows...

Phomollient styling foam. Probably my second favorite hair product. Suave's mousse is almost as good, though, and I go through the Phomollient a lot more quickly than the Smooth Infusion.

Tourmaline charged hydrating cream. Too heavy for everyday use, but I like to use it once a week in the winter or if my skin is just sporadically really dry.

Wish list...

Well, everything else, of course! If I had to choose, though...

Volumizing tonic

Air control hair spray

Pure-fume spirit {or any of their scent line}. I do get a free bottle on my birthday, so that's nice!

So that's my guide to all things Aveda. I was not compensated for this post, but I probably should be! ;) 

What about you? Any fellow Aveda fans out there? Products you can't live without?

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