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Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm going home to see my mother...she said she'd meet me when I come...

I'm coming up on my first Mother's Day as a mother. Jason, feel free to peruse the turned-down pages of the Tiffany catalog. ;) Just kidding--I'm assuming the best

Anyway, not to be a downer, but the last 10 years of Mother's Days have been tough. When you've lost your mother, and you're not a mother, there's just no way around the tough. I don't mean at all to sound like we shouldn't honor moms, but with the prevalence of ads, store displays, events at church--it's just a constant reminder during this season. 

This year, though, is especially bittersweet. I adore being a mom to this sweet, sweet girl...

And I'm so excited to celebrate that!

But I find myself missing my mother more this year than ever before because I know she would love our little one so much, too!

So I scanned a few more photos {here are some from a previous year} to help me remember Catherine's Marmee and to help me remember to be thankful that I had such a wonderful mother...

So, if your mama is still with you, do as the Bear said, and call her!

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  1. Anonymous5/12/2012

    Tiffany, you were blessed to have a mother who inspired such love in her children. I wish you many, many happy Mother's Days, each more beautiful than the last. There's a church near here that has a sign for this Sunday that reads: "The child's schoolroom is the mother's heart." Your mother must have been a wonderful teacher...and because she was, you will be, too. May baby Catherine continue the tradition.
    Happy days!


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