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Monday, May 21, 2012

Four Months Old

I'm a few days late on the four-month update. Miss Catherine had a doctor's appointment today, so I wanted to get her official height and weight.

She's 13 pounds, 25 1/2 inches long--tall and skinny, just like Mommy always wanted to be. ;)

In the last month, she seems to have grown up a lot to me. I think she looks less like an infant and more like a baby. This is a typical chilling pose, knees up, hands behind her head {sleeps that way a lot, too}.

Biggest developments...

  • Rolling over! She can do this really easily now on the couch {and seems pretty proud of herself}, but she still has a hard time rolling over on flat surfaces like her bed. The source of much frustration for the little gal. :)

  • Moving from a three-hour to a four-hour eating schedule. We were a little nervous about this transition, but she took it totally in stride. Laidback baby, I tell ya. {And we're big-time thankful for that!}

  • Still reaching and grabbing for things, but her movements are a lot more controlled and focused. She's also interested in more things in general {our food, Jason's glasses, her feet}.

  • Sitting up better! Still a little wobbly, but she's strong enough to sit in the Bumbo now. {Each new stage seems to both fascinate and terrify Fred.}

  • Having giggle fits! She is still a pretty serious little person, but sometimes we'll do something to make her laugh, and she will laugh and laugh and laugh. We love it! I told Jason to just wait until she turns 11. ;)
  • Still wearing Mommy's dresses. :)

  • And still spitting up. Sigh. The doctor said she's not concerned as long as C continues to gain weight, but we hope she'll grow out of this soon. {We're also still hoping that first tooth will pop on through soon--poor girl is chewing on everything!}

The next month is going to be another big one for our little girl. We got the OK to start rice cereal, and she's going on her first road trip. {Advice appreciated on that one especially!}

We're so thankful for another month with our girl and for the delight she gives us!


  1. Cute....cuter...My goodness it is just amazing how fast they grow!!

  2. Anonymous5/22/2012

    That little pink dress with the black bow is adorable...SO chic and FRENCH! Here's a tip for travel for when Catherine's a little older. We used to go to bed early, bags packed, wake-up and change the baby and head out between 2-3AM. We were always traveling from Michigan to Pennsylvania, which is a 6 1/2-7 hour trip. The baby slept most of the way. She was comfortable, and so were we.
    Happy days, and I must say your little sweetie sure does seem to be engaged with her world. You guys are doing a great job!

  3. The pictures are adorable.


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