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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three...It's a Magic Number

Our little girl is three months old today! Hooray, Catherine!

That pillow was a gift from my sweet cousin--what a treasure!

Here is what she's up to these days...
  • Growing like a weed. 13 pounds, two feet tall

  • "Talking." We love this! She says lots of ahhs and goos and las {we call her "little la" sometimes}, but she also seems to be mimicking us {"hi," "hey," and even "i ah oo" when we say "I love you"}. We don't think anything is consistent enough to be her first words; plus we're not really sure how much she understands. But it's a lot of fun to hear "hey!" from the next room. {She really enjoys having conversations with her "pinky" and other stuffed friends.}

  • She's also learning to talk with her hands. She can consistently sign "milk" and "change" {as in change her diaper}, and we've been working on some others with her. She thinks "Mommy," "Daddy," and "I love you" are all pretty funny but hasn't done them herself yet.

  • She is still eating and sleeping like a champ on her three-hour schedule, so we're really really thankful for that. Makes life a little more predictable {and easier to do things like go to the bookstore}.

  • Teething. Her hand or blanket is in her mouth most of the time, and we feel so sorry for her when she fusses because surely it hurts! {As it does when she grabs hold of my hair--getting strong!}

Just in case you think she's perfect, she's also still spitting up. A lot. As long as she keeps growing, the doctor says this is not a health issue--just a hygiene one. ;)

And, even though I've told her that she's not allowed to watch TV until she's 2, she's still very interested when we turn it on. {In this instance, I believe she is telling Felicity that Ben is fun in college, but Noel is a better choice in the long-term.}  

We're so thankful for our three-month-old! What a blessing this sweet girl is!

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  1. It is so hard to keep them away from the tv! Jack already grabs the remote and points it at the box. Terrible!

    What a sweet little lady, and that pillow is such a great keepsake!


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