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Friday, February 17, 2012

Vintage Catherine

I promise that one day I'll talk about more than the baby on the blog, but life is mostly revolving around her (and school) right now. I don't go back to work for a couple of weeks, and what I've been reading consists of What to Expect the First Year, Cognitive Psychology, and books about social network analysis. All interesting stuff but not much to talk about for the ol' blog!

So, with that in mind, back to the baby. ;)

I'm so excited that I still have a few of my old baby clothes. Catherine and I have played dress-up a few times.

This was a nightgown that my brother's friend brought me when I was only a few days old...

And this was one of my dresses...

And these were my shoes. They looked like tiny Uggs on her. :)

I also have several baby blankets that my grandmother made, so those are super special. But a couple of friends have also given us handmade ones for her, so she will have heirlooms of her own. We've been so blessed!

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  1. Anonymous2/18/2012

    Tiffany, never fear. We love hearing about the baby. She has a bit of a pensive, quizzical expression. I'll bet she'll be a deep thinker, like her Mommy and Daddy. Isn't it the most wonderful thing that she is already a "complete package?" Everything about who she is and what she likes and's all there, just ready to unfold. These early days hold those moments when you gaze at your baby, transfixed in wonderment, entranced by her hidden possibilities. Don't you find yourself wondering who she'll be? I remember the sweetness of those days. These are surely precious times.
    Happy days to you all.


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