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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Numbers Are In

My pal Brittany has inspired me to blog about my journey to get my pre-baby body back. OK, let's be honest--I'd actually like to get the body back to a little before that. 21-year-old body? Still hiding out in there?

Let's just say I've always been a little sensitive regarding issues like this, so it's tough for me to post exact numbers (not to mention pictures). But, again, Brittany has challenged...and I have accepted.

But I'm compromising a bit. Here's what I will do:

Post pictures (as soon as I can find time to take them). And I'll tell you two things:

Baby weight when Catherine was born: 212 pounds
How much I'd like to lose now: 70 pounds

But I'm just not brave enough to tell you my actual current weight or the goal weight (maybe one day). I also don't own a scale, so I'll be working on inches as well as pounds.

Note to self: Find the tape measure that has not been seen since we moved.

So here is The Plan for now.

-Exercise every morning before work.
-Limit sweets to one treat per week.

This might not sound like much, but it's a start. I don't do well with major overhauls all at once; it helps me to be more consistent if I gradually make changes. And I have indulged my pretty large sweet tooth ever since I got pregnant. That habit must be kicked.

I head back to the doctor in a little more than a month, so I hope to have some good results to report by then!

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  1. Anonymous2/26/2012

    African red tea, sometimes called "Bush", or Roobis (I think that's the spelling) stimulates the metabolism. It's naturally decaf. Oolong tea stimulates the metabolism for 1 full hour after consumption, but it is not decaf. Switching from Crisco or butter or oil for frying and baking to 100% PURE coconut oil also stimulates the metabolism. But the coconut oil MUST be transfats,etc. Studies are showing that coconut oil appears to reverse and to retard the effects of Alzheimer's disease. Anyway, aim for 3-5 Tbsps /day. You can spread it on toast instead of butter or margarine. you would think it would taste of coconut, but it is tasteless. Tuna contains a compound that burns fat. Other fishes do not.
    Good for you. But just know that you are a beautiful young woman RIGHT NOW, inside and out.
    Happy days, Tiffany! I'm rooting for you.


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