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Monday, November 28, 2011

Updates and Giving Thanks

Welcome! The blogs are officially combined, and we've got a new look here. If you're specifically interested in books, baby news, or photos, those are all separate tabs at the top now, or you can just read all posts from this home page.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about a new name. I didn't want anything as prosaic as Norris News (although I always appreciate alliteration), but Considering All Things Literary was obviously too specific. For now, it's No Faint Hearts, from the JFK quote--There are no faint hearts in Fort Worth--but I'm open to suggestions. Any thoughts?

Lots has been going on, mostly school and work and traveling to Alabama and back for Thanksgiving (where we had our first baby shower). 

A few shots out at the lake, where we stayed this year. Cannot tell you how much I loved waking up to the sight of the Tennessee River, one of the things I miss most about Alabama...

Fred enjoyed the view, too...

The day after Thanksgiving, my sweet aunt and cousin threw us a family baby shower. Baby Girl was so blessed! We were so thankful to get a lot of things we needed, and it was wonderful to reconnect with family we hadn't seen in awhile. (Spent a lot of time telling stories and looking at old photos.) 

Also, this was the first time we had been home since the tornado hit in April. My aunt's house (in Phil Campbell) was heavily damaged, so that was another thing to add to the "thankful for" list this year--that their home is repaired, but, more importantly, that they were spared.

That "thankful for" list was incredibly long this year! One more I'm adding is that we just have two weeks left in the semester. Incredibly busy weeks, but then we can concentrate on relaxing and preparing for Baby Girl!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Again--let me know those blog name suggestions!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Geaux Tide?

My Friday started off nicely enough...

But inside I found...

I would be offended if I weren't laughing so hard!

I've been smack-talking with an LSU fan who works with me at the library (who also happened to watch over Freddy while we were in Seattle). She won this round for sure!

Poor Fred is so confused. ;)

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