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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seattle Day Four: Space Needle and Other Surprises

We packed a lot into day four in Seattle: the Space Needle, Public Library, Hard Rock Cafe, and lots more walking around the city.

Picture overload to follow, but first I wanted to outline a few surprises we found here:

-I learned at the Space Needle that I have apparently developed a new fear of/sensitivity to heights. I have never had an issue with this at all, so I'm blaming Baby McB. Anyone else experience this when pregnant? I spent most of the time at the Space Needle (and the Public Library, which also had a "high viewing point") clinging to the wall.

-Steep, San Francisco size hills...or what I picture them to be anyway. Maybe we've just gotten used to Texas, but the hills were crazy steep here! I can't imagine driving on them--especially in bad weather.

-Recycling at restaurants. There are usually three "bins"--one for recycling, one for compost, and one for garbage. Impressive! But sometimes a little confusing.

-Smoking. Maybe this is just more of an urban thing, but I was slightly appalled at the number of smokers. Why do people still do that? There is not a single benefit to smoking (and, of course, plenty of negatives), and it's horrific to those around you who don't smoke.

-Finally, I was surprised to learn that Nancy Pearl no longer works at the Seattle Public Library. I kind of thought she kept a home base there and that I might could go there and find her {blush}. Anyway...

Now for the rest of the pictures!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seattle Days Two and Three: Seattle Pacific University

Jason presented a paper yesterday morning about biblical illiteracy and did a great job! I was so proud of him (and excited that I got to sneak in to hear him speak).

After that, it was back to the library for me. But I did get a few shots around campus...

In the afternoon, I had finished up all my immediate school work, so I spent some time reading and relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate. Downright luxurious these days.

Last night, we hit the town with the other SWBTS folks and ate at The Crab Pot (OK but not nearly as yummy as The Fisherman's).

Then this morning, we had our first hard Seattle rain. It's just been drizzly so far. But we still navigated the bus system (starting to feel like pros at that) and made it back to campus to finish up the conference! They have a road called the Tiffany Loop on campus, and this is me standing on it. :)

The next day and a half are ours to explore this rainy city.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seattle: Day One (and a blog update)

We're in cloudy Seattle! Jason is presenting at a conference here, so I'm tagging along.

We've already taken tons of pictures, so I thought I'd go ahead and start sharing.

Quick housekeeping note first, though. I'm going to be combining my blogs as soon as I can, um, figure out how. Not sure how that will work, so if you want to keep keeping up, be sure to go ahead and follow me at as well. I'll keep you posted as that develops, though.

On to the pictures!

We got here late yesterday and checked out a place called Local 360, where all their food comes from within 360 miles of Seattle. It was delicious! I had the cooked greens and mac and cheese. Then we got up early this morning (but it still felt late to us--thanks, Pacific time!) and headed to the mothership...the original Starbucks...

I haven't had coffee in five months, so I savored that {decaf} pumpkin spice latte! Then we toured around the waterfront and took in the Pike Place Market. Such a cool area--little shops {fish, flowers, pepper jelly!} and street performers {playing the piano and the cello and making balloon animals}.


A few odd sightings. We spotted some goats on a hill in the middle of the city. They were for rent, and they had a goat puppy guarding them...

 There was also a gum wall, which was pretty disgusting but kind of cool, too...

Then we stumbled onto what we thought might be an Occupy Seattle protest but turned out to be a Today Show taping with Kathie Lee Gifford...

After wandering around a bit longer, we grabbed some lunch at The Fisherman's, which was right on the water, and played a four-player Pac-Man game.

First impressions: the city has a fun, diverse, cool vibe that sort of reminded us of Austin--but bigger. We LOVE the grey skies and light drizzle. I could be wrong, but I don't think I would ever get tired of that weather.

We're also pleased with our hotel, which is within walking distance of a lot of this stuff, and has been around for more than 100 years. There are some odd the radiator (the heat comes through it on a timing system) and the sink.

But we (OK, I) really love the tub and the towel sculptures (an elephant!).

Finally, gotta represent--even on vacation. Go Rangers!

Tomorrow...more on the NAPCE conference and hanging out at Seattle Pacific University. (Hint--I'm spending a lot of time at the library.)

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