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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kitchen update

I hate to cook and would rather be anywhere else than in the kitchen, so it's fitting that the kitchen is our first "finished" room. 

Jason painted it a pale yellow, and we finally decided on curtains. I do like having a pantry and counter space (neither of which we had in the apartment).

Then my sweet friend Shelley and her husband gave us the beautiful table (and vase) as a housewarming gift. And, yep, that's a high chair already! Another gift from a couple at church. We're so grateful for all the support from our friends!

On the long-term projects list, I think I'd like to paint the cabinets white (or a lighter color), and I'd love to do a big checker-board black and white tile floor. One day. Maybe. There are a lot of priorities in life that outrank the house, right? :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Currently Reading...

Although it's a bit late for that last one. There's a Baby McBookworm headed our way! Due January 17. Wow!

Any other reading recommendations?

News of the Year

Well, of our year, anyway.

There's a baby on the way! Due January 17.

We're pretty excited. And incredibly nervous. And thankful. {And I'm not used to having so many emotions running around.}

I'll be doing some only-interesting-to-family-and-maybe-not-even-to-them documenting stuff, so feel free to skim those posts. ;)

For example, two pre-bump pictures that I don't feel awesome about posting but know Baby McBookworm will treasure in his/her scrapbook for years to come.

Six-ish weeks...nothing but too much junk in the trunk and painters' plastic on the windows...

Eight-ish weeks...we got curtains! And Fred is still confused...

More thoughts to come, I'm sure. And advice? Anyone? Everyone? We'll take it!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Serious Sixth

Jason and I are celebrating six years of holy matrimony today. :) On Facebook, I said that I'm celebrating with a guy who cleans the kitchen, walks the dog, and is never grumpy. This is all true {and a little silly}, but it just scratches the surface of things I love about Jason. So, here are six more things I seriously love about my husband...

-He challenges me spiritually. Whether it's looking at a passage of Scripture, how church is conducted, or the way I handle a conflict with a friend, he always asks good questions and provokes me to think about things differently--exploring what God seems to be indicating in a given situation.

-He prays with me. We pray before meals, often before he drops me off at work, and when we're anxious.

-He helps me look at the world in new ways. On the Myers-Briggs types, Jason is an N, and I am an S. He is analytical; I am concrete. He's a dreamer; I'm a realist. He's curious; I'm...not. But being able to get a glimpse of things through his eyes has stretched my mind and made me a better thinker.

-He never judges me when I have a lazy day or when I run screaming from a bird.

{OK, all these have been halfway about me, but that's often how it goes in marriage, right? ha} Moving on...

-He's creative! I love how he goes at a problem, works at it {sometimes for forever, it seems} until it is conquered and perfectly solved. Right now, for example, he's turning one of our closets into a voiceover studio.

-He really is never grumpy. I'm sure he'll appreciate this comparison, but, like Annette Funicello in Back to the Beach, he has been in a good mood for 22 {or 39} years. And that's hard not to like.

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