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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seattle Days Two and Three: Seattle Pacific University

Jason presented a paper yesterday morning about biblical illiteracy and did a great job! I was so proud of him (and excited that I got to sneak in to hear him speak).

After that, it was back to the library for me. But I did get a few shots around campus...

In the afternoon, I had finished up all my immediate school work, so I spent some time reading and relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate. Downright luxurious these days.

Last night, we hit the town with the other SWBTS folks and ate at The Crab Pot (OK but not nearly as yummy as The Fisherman's).

Then this morning, we had our first hard Seattle rain. It's just been drizzly so far. But we still navigated the bus system (starting to feel like pros at that) and made it back to campus to finish up the conference! They have a road called the Tiffany Loop on campus, and this is me standing on it. :)

The next day and a half are ours to explore this rainy city.

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