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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dairy Mayd and Prayers for Alabama

We were so saddened to see the destruction in our home state this week. Our prayers are with all of you there. While we're incredibly thankful that our families are safe, our hearts are hurting for those who have lost loved ones. It could so easily have been any of us. I have an aunt and uncle in Phil Campbell, a tiny town of about 1,000 people that lost, I believe, 25 of their residents. Their house was severely damaged, but they are OK.

There are so many news stories, pictures, and ways to help that I wasn't even sure what to link to. If you don't know where to start, though, leave a comment, and I'll put you in touch with resources.

On a much less important note, since this blog is serving as my resolution record-keeper and accountability place, I wanted to post that I'm giving up dairy in May. Doctors have advised me to do this for years because I have severe sinus problems. Also, though, it's just a cleaner and healthier way to eat. So I'd like to maintain it beyond May if I can make it.

However, after cutting out sugar and meat, it's going to be tough. Really, really tough. Because I'm a cheese ADDICT. I could take a bath in a tub of cheese...and eat my way out.

I drink almond milk already, and we've used non-dairy "butter" for years, but all the fake cheeses I've tried make me gag. It's like eating fat-free cheese or drinking decaf coffee. Thanks, but no thanks.

If you have any suggestions for tasty faux cheese products, I'd love to hear them. Also, thanks to a vegan friend, I've found some apps that clue you in about hidden dairy products, which I was also concerned about. But any of you have tips on being sure to get enough calcium and protein when not eating dairy or meat?

So, I'll keep you posted on how the non-dairy thing goes in May, and let's all keep praying for Alabama.


  1. Anonymous5/02/2011

    Hi, Tiff! I see that Good Housekeeping magazine's publisher has just published a new vegan cookbook. It's s'posed to be TRUELY fudging. I also bought my daughter
    Vegan With A Vengeance, which she just LOVES...uses ALL the time. Written by Chandra, Somebody-or-Other. Sorry. Finishing packing for the move and my mind just can't cope with any more.
    Happy days, Tiffany!

  2. Anonymous5/02/2011

    Tiffany, that author is Chandra Levy.

  3. Anonymous5/14/2011

    Well, Tiff, spoke to my daughter today and mentioned this blog. She just laughed at my absent-mindedness and said, "MOTHER! The cookbook was written by Chandra MOSCOWITZ!!! Chandra Levy was the college girl who disappeared!!!" Here I a with egg on my face to apologize. I guess it's like Dr. James Dobson said:" Just about the time your face clears up, your mind goes fuzzy." I'm so sorry for the mix-up.
    Happy days, Tiff.


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