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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Giveaway

Between graduation and getting the crud and just general busy-ness, I almost let May get away without a giveaway!

But just in time...

This month's book selection is...

The Sentinels: Fortunes of War
by Gordon Zuckerman

As always, the lucky winner will also receive a NorrisCreations bookmark, local goodies and a few random fun items.

Enter by leaving a comment, and I'll do the drawing on Memorial Day. Good luck!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fort Worth Firsts

When Dad is here, we always like to try some Fort Worth things we haven't done before. This past visit, we...

  • sampled fish tacos {pretty much what I expected...which is why I haven't tried them before now...ha}

  • went to the Paris Coffee Shop {comparable to City Cafe for you Tuscaloosa folks}

  • saw a few new downtown sights {including an entire shop devoted to better believe we'll be going back there}

  • tried out Uno's Pizzeria...I know it's not technically a local Fort Worth place, but we'd never encountered it before living here. We also took advantage of the atmosphere there and made Dad tell us all about his childhood in Chicago.

And, of course, we also hit our old favorites like Chapps, Theological Pursuits, Dixie House and Half Price Books. And we had a stirring game of Trivial Pursuit. Which the graduate won. But which we might have just let him win. We'll never tell. ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From start... finish!

I'm so proud of Jason for completing his Master of Arts in Christian Education! I'll write a more introspective post about our time here at seminary soon, but, basically, this is why we came to Texas. The main goal of this journey? Accomplished.

And we're pumped!

Guess Who Graduated?

Not me! {Not yet, anyway.}

It's Mr. McBookworm!

I'm proud of my fella. :)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

For Sale...

*Update Update* Everything is gone except the coffee table. 10 bucks, people! Message me if you're in the DFW area and interested!

*Update* We sold our corner decorative piece. Yay! Still asking $15 each for the others or $40 for all three.*

Looks as if we'll be in our teensy, tiny apartment a little longer than expected. In order to make it more liveable, we're trying to clear out a bit, make it feel more like a home than a temporary dwelling.

So we're trying to sell some furniture. We'd like to replace these with smaller, less intrusive things like a front door mat and curtains. :)

Just email me if you're interested in more pictures or further info.

Coffee table...

Nice and sturdy. Top needs refinishing, though. (During my senior year of high school, I decorated it with pictures, then shellacked{sp?} it. Wow does that stuff make things stick.)

End table...
Found it's been cleaned up and repaired a bit. But it could probably still use sprucing up further.

Again, sturdy, good condition. The fabric is fading a bit and could stand to be recovered. (If you can't tell by now, I'm not exactly handy at that sort of thing.)

Corner piece...
Very good condition. Decorative little thing. {Excuse Fred's toys.}

We're asking $15 for each one or $50 for the whole lot. But we'll entertain best offers. :) Just trying to get this place cleaned out!

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