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Monday, October 04, 2010

Double the Pumpkins {and Fedoras}...Double the Fun

We had a great time hanging with my bestie, Shell, and her husband this weekend...
You can't go wrong with matching fedoras. {I hate when my smile is all gummy, though. What is that?!}

I also tackled the pumpkin mousse pie...

Definitely the most complicated of the pumpkin recipes so far. It called for things like a double boiler, thermometer, and gelatin...all things I either don't have luck with or don't have at all.

So, it turned out a little runny...

But still tasted good. :)

Can't say the same for the pumpkin pancakes. {Even Fred turned up his nose at them.}

I had leftover pumpkin and egg whites {the pie just called for the yolks}, so I made these as a reward for pulling my first PhD all-nighter.

I think next time I'll stick to the pumpkin spice latte for my reward!

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