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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Big Car

OK, so I actually don't have a big car. I drive a little-mid-sized Honda Accord.

Road trip

2002 model, and it's pushing 140,000 miles.

I love Hondas because, kind of like Macs, they typically just don't have problems. You don't hear about many Honda lemons. But Leon (Don Vita Corleone if we're being formal) is getting older, piling up the miles, and he's starting to get cranky.

The AC went out in December, a door handle broke, and we've had a few other minor problems with it recently. Invested a chunk of the tax return to fix those things.

Now it appears the transmission is acting up. So we're at Starbucks waiting to hear whether it's going to be expensive or expensiver to fix. I'm thankful we've found a good mechanic here. :)

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