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Monday, December 14, 2009

Purged by Darkness

Purged by Darkness by Michael Estepa

Kai is nervous. He is about to make his first "big" hit and take out a disloyal member of the society, a job that will catapult him significantly higher into the ranks of professional gangsters in Australia.

But something doesn't feel right. One of his group--his closest friends who are unfailingly loyal to him--is killed the same night the hit is planned. There is now infighting and bickering in the group, higher-ups are maneuvering for their own positions, and Kai is struggling to hold his place and confidence as leader.

Michael Estepa tells a realistic story of young men who feel they have no other choice but to join a "society" and participate in the accompanying violent and tragic gang lifestyle. He speaks from personal experiences and observations but has centered the fictional novel around Kai, who is surprisingly thoughtful and intuitive.

Estepa writes in the introduction about his concerns for young men who are making these choices and says he wants to portray the lifestyle without glorifying it. He has done a great job striking this balance.

I look forward to posting an interview with Mr. Estepa tomorrow to hear more about the book and his background.

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