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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dreaming Differences

Last night, I dreamed that my boss assigned all of us at the library research papers. My topic was “Heaven and the Problem of Hell.” My assigned sources? The complete Nancy Drew collection.

It was one of those dreams that was so realistic (in a way) that I was completely stressed out about it when I woke up! It took me a good half hour to realize that I did not, in fact, have to write a research paper about heaven and hell using only Nancy Drew as a guide. This may be due in part to the fact that Fred woke me up at 5:30 this morning. Easy for him since he can go back to sleep when we leave at 7:30.

Also, the dream itself is not terribly hard to figure out as we have been working on a few projects at work lately, and sometimes two of my library pals and I write Nancy Drew novellas (e-mailing various parts around to each other) on slow afternoons.

And I dream about work almost every single night. Usually, it is just a typical day with something wonky thrown in (like Nancy Drew or taking a shower behind my desk or all-green walls in the library). Otherwise, just your average work day. A little tiring to go to work in your sleep but not too hard to interpret.

The funny thing is that Jason and I have completely different types of dreams. He dreams about work, but always about jobs he has held in the past. Never current. When he was working in radio (and not in school full-time), he dreamt about being in class. Never up-to-the-life-moment kinds of dreams.

Our personality types are almost exact opposites, so that might be the explanation.

Any dream interpreters out there?

Now if we could just figure out what this little guy dreams about when he sleeps...

Those paws sure do move fast when he is deep in a dream!

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  1. I believe dreams can reflect what is going on in life at the moment. Some of mine are about being caught in impossible situations, when I'm stressed, or about seeing people I know at times when I could not have. It is actually possible for me to recall something happened when in fact I dreamed it. Can be a problem at times!


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