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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Simple Life of List-Making

I just finished two lovely books that I'm not going to review but that I will recommend:

Simplify Your Life by Elaine St. James and
The Man Who Made Lists by Joshua Kendall

The Man Who Made Lists takes a look at Peter Mark Roget. Roget as in the Thesaurus. Fascinating man! Not only did he obsessively make lists of words (and categorize and organize them), he was also a brilliant doctor, scientist and intelligent design proponent. He persevered through several family tragedies and, ultimately, produced one of the all-time great Reference books.

I still remember opening the giant Roget's Thesaurus in my tiny Mars Hill Bible School library in second grade. I was bored and, thus, antsy in class (imagine that), so my teacher sent me to the library and told me to "research" something that interested me. Well, words interested me, and I pored over the thesaurus every chance I got. Good times. :)

Simplify Your Life was interesting because I have already adopted many of the 100 practices she recommends. Thanks to my husband going to grad school and us becoming seminarians, we have been forced to downsize. We now drive one car, live in a smaller place, have given up cable and magazine subscriptions--all suggestions St. James advocates. We also consciously have made the decision to eat healthier--sticking with lots of fruits and veggies, not much meat, lots of water, that sort of thing. And our life is, surprisingly, better in a lot of ways! (And I just thought this picture was simply beautiful.)

A few things I haven't gotten behind yet that she encourages: journaling (my blogs have apparently taken the place of my journals), totally giving up tv-watching (we still rent and watch shows online), giving up high heels (what?!?!) and buying in bulk. I make one trip/week to my Kroger, which is about a block from where we live, and when I say we downsized to a smaller place, I'm not exaggerating--our apartment is teensy. So I just can't convince myself that saving 10 cents on toilet paper is worth the effort of going to another store and making room for storage. Anyone got any thoughts or tips on this practice?

How have you simplified your life? Or is that even a goal for you?

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