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Monday, December 15, 2008

Time For Joy & Time For Cheer?

Problem: An uncharacteristic Scrooge-like attitude brought on, in part, by the ridiculously hectic pace of the first two weeks in December. Baking, baking and more baking...unexpected schedule changes at party or event after another taking away my precious evening hours...loss of workouts due to loss of evenings...waiting to see if finances came together for a Christmas trip to Connecticut...the general holiday rush of cards, presents (many of which I made this year), wrapping, mailings...the list goes on, and can I get an amen? :)

Basically, I had too many holiday to-dos to do to actually enjoy the holiday!

Solution: Friday. Jason finished classes, exams and projects. All events and parties (and related bakings) completed. Schedules ironed out. All presents made, wrapped, distributed and/or mailed. Most of our Christmas cards finished. Sidebar: By "our" Christmas cards, I also mean Fred's, who is participating in a card exchange with his little puppy friends. Latest count: Fred: 30 (regular) cards & 20 e-cards. Tiff & Jason: 12 from my dentist, which really shouldn't count.

Back to Friday...which ushered in a delightful weekend of spending relaxed time with the hubby; running outside in perfect 75 degree weather; browsing the stores just to enjoy looking; getting a free birthday meal at Red, Hot & Blue; taking naps on Saturday and Sunday afternoons; reading; drinking eggnog and watching A Christmas Story (my all-time favorite Christmas movie).


I still feel like Scrooge...only now at the end of the story instead of the beginning.

Meanwhile, here are a few of the gorgeous trees we saw in Tuscumbia during Thanksgiving. These were taken on the TVA reservation and the Tennessee River. Enjoy!


  1. I know what you mean. I was sitting on the couch last night and realized that all the Christmas stuff was done. Presents (wrapped and/or shipped), baking, cards out, decorations up. I kind of had to just SIGH. It felt good, but I also felt like if it wasn't I would have been in a very harsh mood last night.

    Hang in there. I know it'll get better.

    Get timers for your lights...that helps. :)

  2. what pretty pictures! I need to watch a Christmas story before the season is over I think I am having withdrawals! ha..ha..
    You have been busy though...what have you been baking? XOXO Becky

  3. Thanks!
    I have been baking a little bit of everything it seems...let's see, brownies, sausage balls, oreo balls, hot cider (which isn't really baking, but it still counts), good ol' chocolate chip, of course, breakfast, lunch and dinner every night. haha
    OK, sometimes I just throw something in the microwave...and by sometimes, I mean most nights.


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