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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


So...I briefly considered doing NaBloPoMo again this year but decided against it. Actually, I didn't even remember it was NaBloPoMo until Monday...two days after it started. Oops.

So here's a rundown of, reasons...or, well, just things I'm doing instead...

-Reading and reviewing for my other blog

-Following the presidential election

-Creating homemade Christmas presents. This is a first for me, so I'll post pics depending on how they turn out. :)

-Taking pictures (yes, sometimes of my feet)

-Designing invitations

-Making holiday travel plans (can't wait!)

-Taking Fred to the vet (he's fine...just a checkup)

-Jogging (really!)

-WorkingWorkingWorking (but I love it, so no complaints here)


  1. What are you making for Christmas?

    I just started jogging again today. I got a jogging stroller for my birthday. my goal is to run the 5k race for the cure.. i think its in april

  2. I haven't decided yet. :) I'm just kind of playing around with a couple of things, so we'll see how they all turn out.

    I'm slooowly getting back into running. My asthma has been pretty contrary since we moved here, so it's been tough. I might try to join you in that 5K, though!

  3. I like your cute invitations and cannot wait to see your Christmas presents. :)


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