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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sweetest Story of the Week (and a few others)

If you don't read anything else this week, check out this story about a random group of people reading to a 101-year-old lady in New York City. This reminds me that there is goodness in the world.
Meanwhile, I've been overwhelmed with reading lately! (Fred too.) But I'm almost finished with The Reivers, so I'll have that review soon. My promised author interviews didn't pan out, but I'll see if I can get in touch with Faulkner. ;)

As I said in an earlier post, Jason and I have been haunting the various branches of the Fort Worth Public Library lately. If you still need convincing about what great things they are, here's a story about ways the public library can help during a bad economy.

Meanwhile, NPR did a story about how libraries are coping with the economy themselves.

Because they're not dealing with the economy, Congress is instead considering a bill that would bar children who use computers in public libraries from accessing Facebook and other social networking websites without parental permission. Two links on this one:

And an article asking if Internet reading is real reading?

Interesting info about the Federal Writers' Project

And, finally, libraries taking the long view (on preservation)

Happy weekend!


  1. I saw in the paper today that they may close the main library in Long Beach, California . . . which is pretty near to me. Scary.

  2. I would LOVe to be overwhelmed by reading. I am with blogs, at least! love that pic of fred!

  3. what a precious picture of Fred! love it!


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