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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fellow Bloggers

Well, NaBloPoMo is winding down, and I'm having trouble coming up with post topics this week! So I thought I'd borrow one I've seen around and let you know how I got my "blogroll."

Charlotte-My cousin
David D.-Worked with at APR
David M.-Blog friend with shared literary interests
Diane-Blog friend with shared literary interests
Fort Worth Quadruplets-Read about this amazing family in the newspaper of all places!
Fred-Our dog ;)
Heather-Blog friend with Alabama connection
Iliana-Blog friend with shared literary interests
Jason-My hubbie
Jen-Friend from the University of Alabama
Jess-Friend from Southwestern
Julia-Friend from high school
Kelly-Blog friend with shared literary interests
Kenny-Worked with at Clear Channel
Kristy-Blog friend with Alabama connection
Maggie-Friend from library school
Mike Cope-Admired minister
Rosie-Friend from Southwestern
Supabloggasuprememama-Blog friend with Alabama connection
SWBTS Bloggers-List of bloggers at Southwestern. Some good stuff on there!
Tesney-Friend from the University of Alabama

It's interesting to see how different people use their blogs...what things they focus on-books, kids, random thoughts, cartoons, funny stories. I'm almost always inspired, amused and/or entertained by reading y'all's blogs, and I'm challenged to be a better blogger myself. (I know...lots of progress needed in that area!)

So, if you're reading and blogging, and I don't have your link on the side, please let me know! Otherwise, keep up the good posts, everyone!

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