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Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Boxing Day!

Boxing Day. Hmm. Interesting concept. I like that it puts a big national spotlight on helping the needy.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!
Happy Hannukah (chanukah, however you spell it)!

I hope, whatever you celebrate, you had a good one.

Jason and I had a lovely "first married Christmas." He had to
work Christmas Eve, but, other than that, we had a good time with family, friends and Fred, of course!

One of my favorite things to do over the holidays (besides eat too much) is to watch a lot of movies! Not only did we hit the best traditional Christmas movies (A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, It's a Wonderful Life), but we also got to see Narnia. And we're planning to see
King Kong at some point this week! So it's been a merry movie Christmas holiday! But it's been fun!

I've also been catching up on my reading. My husband gave me the Calvin and Hobbes complete boxed set for my birthday. I gave up on Atlas Shrugged. Frankly, it should've ended about 1,000 pages earlier than it did.

But, on a happier note, I'm now working on The Chronicles of Narnia. All seven--haven't read those since fourth grade, so it's about time!

I'm also reading
Brick Lane by Monica Ali, and it seems promising.

Oh, I also discovered a very cool site, Check it out!

Meanwhile, plans are still on-track to rejuvenate my eating habits, exercise habits and e-attitude (sorry, I'm just trying to preserve the alliteration) in the New Year! I look forward to keeping you posted!

Again, Happy Holidays! More "next year!"

Google and holidays

Merry Christmas!...

Or, Happy Holidays in LibraryLand!

Google is sending out a newsletter for librarians now, so, as a Boxing Day gift, I'm passing that along. I'll try to include those here as I receive them.

We spent a lot of time comparing electronic and print resources in my reference class in library school, so it's good to know there actually is a process that's not just "rank first whoever pays most."

On another note, I'm spending the holidays re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia. My boss and I think, with all these "literary movies" coming out, it will be a good idea to make sure that students are actually reading the books (not just watching the movies) before taking the Accelerated Reader tests.

That's it for now. Happy Boxing Day! Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Whatever. haha

Saturday, December 17, 2005

What's cool...and not

OK, first off--what's cool:

The new Liebrary Board Game. OK, it was created by Darryl Hannah, who's definitely not one of my favorites. But it sounds like an awesome game, if anyone's looking for any last-minute gift ideas.


Now, what's not cool:

An appeals court recently found that it was NOT constitutional to fire a library worker for wearing a cross on a chain. Something about First Amendment rights and all that jazz.

OK, this part is still cool. What's not cool is that many of my library colleagues have once again chosen the wrong side on this issue!

Several of them are absolutely up in arms about this.

"What if a teenager seeking information about abortions is too afraid to check out a book with a person wearing a cross?"

"What about trying to ask for information about Islam or the Crusades?"

Senseless arguments, I agree. However, the same tone is not taken when the question was brought up in the reverse. Someone suggested that a Christian might not feel comfortable checking out materials from a Muslim wearing a head scarf.

"But wait; that's different," they say.

OK, then, what about a person wearing a Rebel flag t-shirt?

"Oh, that should be banned! Terrible, horrible hate speech!"

I guess I'm getting back to my old gripe about liberals' double standard. They're all for freedom of expression--as long as it's expression with which they agree. They want freedom from religion, but they don't want others to have freedom to express religion.

It's very frustrating, but, on the upside, it makes me thankful I work in an environment where I can fully express my Christian beliefs without fear of losing my job (or only keeping it through a lengthy court battle).

December post

OK, apparently my posts have gone from weekly to monthly! Sorry about that. It's been a hectic few weeks, and I am more than ready for my Christmas break.

Just for an update, I'll be filling in at Alabama Public Radio during my hiatus from American Christian Academy. Looking forward to being back in news, even if it's just for a few weeks!

Big New Year's resolutions coming, too. I know, I know. I do this every year, and every year I have a hard time keeping them. But this year is different; I'm married! And that means Jason and I are resolving together, and hopefully we'll be holding each other more accountable.

Just a few on the top of my list:

1) Keep up with my blogs! haha No, seriously, it's a good exercise in writing and good for lots of other reasons.

2) I'm going meatless! I read a quote the other day from someone who went vegetarian and said "I was an animal lover who ate animals." Ouch. That's me, and that's hard for me to reconcile. Now, before you sign me up with PETA, I'm not condemning those of you who enjoy your steak, chicken or quail! I think God put animals on the Earth for us to use as we see fit, but I just no longer feel comfortable using them as food.

3) I've just finished reading Charles Sheldon's In His Steps, and it was life-changing. I'm resolving, as those in the book did, to take no action without first considering what Jesus would do (or what He would have me do). Anyway, I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you're a Christian. It's so easy to get settled and comfortable in our routines and not really be the kind of disciples we should be.

That's it on the resolutions for now.

If any of you have read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, maybe you could tell me if it's worth it! It's so long!!! I loved The Fountainhead, but this one seems tougher. Ho-Ho-Hum.

Anyway, happy week-before-Christmas!

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