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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Running on ice...

Remember that Billy Joel song, "Running on Ice?" I haven't felt that way in awhile, but it's been kind of a crazy two weeks here!
I'm loving my new schedule. Getting more sleep, spending more time with Fred. However, I don't have quite as much down-time at my new position as I do at the old! That's not a bad thing; it just furthers my husband's argument that we need a computer (with Internet access) at home.
Any recommendations?
We've also been buried in television this week, unusual for us because we don't have cable. We do, however, have the new Smallville DVD. And, the new season of Gilmore Girls premiered this week. The next installment in the GG DVDs are coming out at the end of the month.
Isn't it funny how you can get so caught up in something that's not real? It might speak to you because of something that's happening or has happened in your own life, or it might just be plain entertaining!
Jason and I have both given a good bit of thought to creating stories. He's more interested in the creative process. We've both toyed with the idea of writing. Who knows? Hopefully it's something we can both pursue.
That's about all the time I have now.
Happy last week of summer!

Cuba and Catching Up

Well, I did not mean to fall this far behind in my blogging, but that's what happens when your new job doesn't allow you as much down-time as your old job!
I've been following, but not contributing, to a recent discussion on the SLIS listserv. After Hurricane Katrina, one of my more liberal professors wrote in, saying that Cuba does an amazing job with hurricane preparation (and, conversely, what a dreadful job the United States does). He went on to extol several of Cuba's other "virtues."
When another colleague dared to question his judgment, saying that she wouldn't sacrifice her liberties for supposed virtues like hurricane preparation, she was derided and scorned en masse. The discussion continued. I won't give you all the gory details.
But the initiating professor continued to spout crazy nonsense like "there MAY have been abuses of civil liberties in Cuba, but we really do not know their true extent."
Let's see...private citizens in Cuba can't buy computers or access the Internet without special authorization. No...that's not excessive.
The main point that I'd like this discussion to illustrate is that every time someone writes in to that listserv (or speaks up in class) and says something that conflicts with the librarians' "party line," he or she is promptly ridiculed by professors and others.
I learned my lesson in the infamous "Fahrenheit 911" discussion that ensued when the ALA showed the so-called documentary at its annual convention. (Of course, there was no showing of "Fahrenhype 911?")
As librarians, we are apparently supposed to hate President Bush and all of his policies. We are supposed to believe the government is responsible for funding almost anything, except faith-based initiatives. And, we are supposed to go to for all of our news and information.
So, basically, we're all supposed to be Democrats!
Wait a minute, didn't I deal with this in journalism, too?
Here's my beef with both professions. Librarians (and journalists) are supposed to take a somewhat objective stance on issues, at least professionally. We're supposed to present an opinion that's as unbiased as possible.
But even when that's not possible, can't we at least have a an open discussion of issues while still respecting another viewpoint? Why is it that we are expected to believe a certain way, to hold certain truths (other than those in the Declaration of Independence) to be self-evident? Why is it those are always liberal truths?
I don't have the answer for that this week, and I don't want to turn this blog into a gripe-fest. However, the Cuba discussion has been wearing on me, and I'm understandably nervous about contributing anything else to the listserv.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's a long way to Tipperary...

OK, so it's not exactly like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but I am leaving Alabama Public Radio.

I'm sad to go for a number of reasons, but I have prayed for guidance and feel really good about this decision, namely because of the better schedule! I'll actually have time to work out now!

Please do check out APR's incredible, amazing, creative web site (created by my husband), and listen to the really cool programming. You can do that online, too! And don't forget to contribute!

Maybe one day public radio will be entirely self-sufficient and won't have to rely on federal money to operate. Now if we could only stop Congress from giving my tax dollars to the National Endowment for the Arts...and, while we're at it, let's just go ahead and do away with the Department of Education as well.

(In case you're not following, I basically think the federal government is way too big.)'s my favorite time of year. Football season! College GameDay Final! Roll Tide! I think Brodie Croyle is going to do fantastic things this year, and let's hope Mike Shula continues to prove himself as well. And, I'd like to applaud those many Crimson Tide fans who are giving up their hotel and motel rooms this weekend for the Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

Some of the more vocal bleeding-hearts in my profession are criticizing the University for not canceling this weekend's game because there are several hundred evacuees on campus. While my sympathies and prayers are with the victims, I don't see how canceling the game would be helpful in the least. The Rec Center where evacuees are staying was partly built with dollars that football brought in, and there are places to donate set up all over Kickoff on the Quad.

So, is it really necessary to cancel? Could we just have some football-haters among us?

On a different note, I'm thinking of throwing in a "site of the week" at the end of this blog. We'll see. Anyway, this week, I like Burberry. If you just feel like throwing around money, feel free to pick up a cashmere sweater for Fred or a classic trenchcoat for me!

OK, that's enough for this Saturday's edition.

Let's have another Roll Tide!

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