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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Story Corps

Big week here in Tuscaloosa.

Jason and I have been as busy as usual with work. We've had some answered prayers this week, so we're quite thankful for that!

Mainly, though, I'm excited about getting the opportunity to interview my Aunt Ruth. She's actually my great-aunt, my grandmother's sister. We send e-mails back and forth everyday, and we share a common love of literature, a good cup of coffee and family stories!

So we sat down and archived some of those family stories today in the Story Corps mobile booth that is located this month in downtown Northport. (You can also find more information at my brilliant husband's web site!)

It was a great bonding experience for us, but I'm even more thankful that we've talked about and written down many of these stories over the years.

It's so important to me to know about my family and to connect with members of another generation. That's a big part of how I have developed my sense-of-self. There's something concrete about looking back and saying, "Oh, that's how he got his name" or "That's how she got through that extremely difficult time." That's incredibly valuable to me.

So, I suggest you sign up for Story Corps (quickly)! Or do a little Story Corps project of your own, just with your family. That's what I want to do at next year's family reunion!

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